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Laurie Holding

Author, Poet, Editor



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(All reviews taken from Amazon)

"A delightful ride!"


"Enjoyable read with mystery, magic, crime, humor, a talking cat and quirky characters, young and old. Great imagery of NYC, Greenwich Village and just enough suspense to keep you intrigued! Ms. Holding has a very creative way with words! Well worth a read!"

"Reading 'Planted on Perry Street' made me yearn for a friend like Maddie and a neighborhood filled with shops like those owned by her and her friends."

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"I loved Tyrion's stories! Great for children."

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As a proofreader and a copy editor, Laurie has the grammatical eye of a hawk.


As a writer, she'll make you laugh out loud and think. And really, what else are you looking for in a good read? 

Jeanne Baker,

Developmental Editor,


Laurie spent innumerable hours with me and on her own patiently combing through my book. A non-fictional account of a WWI fighter pilot's life, the text was full of dates and battles, and Laurie researched every last one of them to make sure my text was perfect.

Gene Genchereau,


William Thaw

of the Lafayette Escadrille

Laurie co-wrote several of my stories in an anthology I put together about my character's familiar, Fergus the Unicorn. I'm sure her witch series will be right up the witch cozy reader's alley.


Her writing is funny and smart, and her characters leap off the page.


Oh, she's a solid editor as well. (She's edited 24 of my books.)

Scott Paul,


The Federal Witch Series

& The Jack Dalton Series



Laurie Holding is the author of two children’s books, Tyrion’s Tale and Tyrion’s Town, stories about her dog Tyrion, who is a survivor of a dogfighting ring.


Laurie's first solo book, under the pen name L. B. Holding, is soon-to-be-released Planted on Perry Street, Book One of her Garden Witch Mystery Series. Look for it on Amazon in March 2021.

An award-winning poet, Laurie’s work has placed or won in the Goodreads Poetry Forum, Writer’s Digest Annual Poetry Contest, the Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest, and the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition.

Laurie is also The Words Coach, working as a copy editor and proofreader. She is currently accepting new clients. Contact her for a free quote on your manuscript.

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